Trio Katastrofa II Scandi-Balkan Folk-Punk

Wild Balkan music and heavy polskas! Trio Katastrofa mixes music from mainly Bulgaria and Scandinavia in a crazy mix they call Scandi-Balkan Folk-Punk. The members met back in 2009 and has played in numerous bands and project for over ten years together. Since becoming Trio Katastrofa around 2016 they have toured regularly all around in Scandinavia, central Europe and Chile. List of concerts further down.

The band consists of the Slovenian world traveling puppeteer and accordion virtuoso Matija Solce, the Swedish/Chilean multi genre fireman percussionist Stefan Hedborg on drums and Sofia Högstadius, Swedish violinist from the north who specialized in Bulgarian folk music.

Press photo Trio Katastrofa

Said about Trio Katastrofa:
“(…) Scorpions at the Moscow stadium would’ve been green with envy if they’d witnessed such performance. What the Trio showed was a demonstration of perfect communication with the audience, as well as a demonstration of musical mastery, the joy of which can make you laugh.”

Michal Kaščák
program director of Pohoda festival


Audience reviews
“Trio Katastrofa is like a high-speed train on an unstable track, which runs in such a way that you’ll never want to get off.”

“Fast paced Bulgarian tunes meet an acting panda bear and the occasional Swedish polska. The music contains equally warm, inviting humor, self-distance and bloody seriousness.”

Rhythm, tempo, engagement, audience connection”

Sofia Högstadius, violin (SWE)
Matija Solce, accordion (SLO)
Stefan Hedborg, percussion (CHI/SWE)


For gigs in south of Sweden, contact
Petter Wickman
Producent, UNGA Musik i Syd
+46 (0)702-20 58 46




List of concerts

  • 2019 

5 feb Trio Katastrofa Radio Slovenia Ljubljana, Slovenien
5 feb Trio Katastrofa Celica Ljubljana, Slovenien
6 feb Trio Katastrofa Couch Festival Ljubljana, Slovenien
7 feb Trio Katastrofa Cats Hill Bar Trushke, Slovenien
8 feb Trio Katastrofa House concert Vuhrnika, Slovenien
22 feb Trio Katastrofa Umefolk Umeå
28 feb Trio Katastrofa Workshop Birka Folkhögskola Östersund
28 feb Trio Katastrofa Jazzköket Östersund
1 mars Trio Katastrofa Ila Brainnstasjon Trondheim, Norge
2 mars Trio Katastrofa Mir Bar Oslo, Norge
3 mars Trio Katastrofa Kollektivhuset Stacken Göteborg
6 mars Trio Katastrofa Showcase Palladium Malmö
22 mars Trio Katastrofa Café Jorden är blå Uppsala
23 mars Trio Katastrofa Falu Folk Falun
16 maj Trio Katastrofa Café Teatre Sans Palma De Mallorca, Spain
17 maj Trio Katastrofa MDS Club Social Inca, Mallorca, Spain
18 maj Tetatro Matita: Happy Bones Teatre Catalina Valls Palma De Mallorca, Spain
14 juni Trio Katastrofa Ila Brainnstasjon Trondheim, Norge
15 juni Trio Katastrofa Slabberaset Festival Steinkjer, Norge
28 juni Trio Katastrofa Hradec Kralove Fest Nahod, Tjeckien
29 juni Trio Katastrofa Nahod Festival Nahod, Tjeckien
13 juli Trio Katastrofa POHODA Festival Trencine, Slovakien
30 juli Trio Katastrofa Musik Vid Havet Norrmjöle, Umeå
2 nov Trio Katastrofa Palac Akropolic Prag, Tjeckien

  • 2018

16 feb Etno in Transit Pablo Neruda Museum House Isla Negra, Chile
17 feb Etno in Transit Womad Festival Santiago, Chile
18 feb Etno in Transit Womad Festival Church gig Santiago, Chile
21 feb Etno in Transit Cahuil Church Cahuil, Chile
24 feb Trio Katastrofa La Barcaza Festival Cahuil, Chile
26 feb Etno in Transit La Barcaza Festival Cahuil, Chile
26-29 juli Trio Katastrofa Histeria Festival Kozarisce, Slovenien
30 juli Trio Katastrofa PUF Festival Koper, Slovenien
31 juli Trio Katastrofa PUF Festival Koper, Slovenien
21 okt Trio Katastrofa Långholmens Café Unnaryd
24 okt Trio Katastrofa Antibarbarus Göteborg
25 okt Trio Katastrofa Falkenbergs Musikgymnasium Falkenberg
20 nov Trio Katastrofa AiT (Estonian Trad Music Center) Viljandi, Estland
21 nov Trio Katastrofa Philly Joe’s Tallin, Estland
22 nov Trio Katastrofa Linnateater Kuressaare, Estland
23 nov Trio Katastrofa Sesevete Saatkond Tartu, Estland

  • 2017

7 feb Solce-Högstadius, Vila Veselova Ljubljana Couch Festival
26 feb Trio Katastrofa (The Breaks), Umefolk, Umeå
3-8 aug, Floating Castle Festival, Grad Sneznik, Slovenien
18 nov, Trio Katastrofa (The Breaks) Perrong 23, Hässleholm
24 nov, Trio Katastrofa (The Breaks) Musikvalvet Baggen, Stockholm
25 nov, Trio Katastrofa (The Breaks) Norrtälje Folk, Norrtälje
27 nov, Trio Katastrofa (The Breaks) Alkemisten, Göteborg
1 dec Solce-Högstadius, Poeten på Hörnet, Malmö
2 dec Teatro Matita: Pulcinella, Blå Båten, Malmö
7 dec Trio Katastrofa (The Breaks) Det Smutsiga Valet, Fabriken Göteborg
8 dec Trio Katastrofa (The Breaks) Grand, Malmö

  • 2016

5 feb The Breaks, Histeria Couch Festival, Ljubljana

  • 2013

6 jan Solce-Högstadius + Mahesh Vinayakram, Nika Solce, Malindi Morris, Teater Ljutka, Ljubljana (Slovenien)
7 jan Solce-Högstadius + Mahesh Vinayakram, Nika Solce, Malindi Morris, Teater Zlatem Zobu, Ljubljana (Slovenien)
13 jan Solce-Högstadius, Daktari Ljubljana (Slovenien)
22 feb The Breaks, Allspel, Idun Umeå Folkets Hus, Umefolk
23 feb Dockteater Happy Bones, Äpplet Umeå Folkets Hus Umefolk
23 feb The Breaks, Freja Umeå Folkets Hus, Umefolk
19 juli The Breaks, Histeria Festival Gracisce (Slovenien)
20 juli Happy Bones dockteater, Histeria Festival Gracisce (Slovenien)
20 juli Ethno in Transit, Histeria Festival Gracisce (Slovenien)
23 juli The Breaks, Celica, Ljubljana (Slovenien)
24 juli Solce-Högstadius + gäster, Daktari, Ljubljana (Slovenien)
27 juli The Voice of the Strings & Solce-Högstadius, Titovem Trgu, Koper (Slovenien)

  • 2012

11 juli Ethno in Transit, Histeria Festival, Gracisce (Slovenien)
12 juli The Breaks, HISTeRIA Festival, Gracisce (Slovenien)
18 sept Dockteater Happy Bones, Sofia International Puppet Theatre, Sofia (Bulgarien)
9 nov Solce-Högstadius Celica, Ljubljana (Slovenien)
10 nov Dockteater Happy Bones, Daktari, Ljubljana (Slovenien)
10 nov Solce-Högstadius, Daktari, Ljubljana (Slovenien)

  • 2011

29 juni The Breaks + Nano Stern, Golica TV, Ljubljana (Slovenien)
1 juli Dockteater Happy Bones, Koper (Slovenien)


Bonus videos

The Breaks at Opening Concert “Allspel”, Umefolk 2013